Hi, I’m Kaelie!

I come from a long line of seamstresses. Both my grandmother's were seamstresses; one sewing for her family of seven, and the other making seats for cars in a factory. It must have been in the blood. From about the age of five, I have memories of snooping around my mother's sewing machine. I’d marvel at the scraps of fabric and the pins, needles, and thread she kept in an old plastic sewing box. The obsession was real.

It’s pertinent to know that in 2010, I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Art & Design. But for me, more knowledge has been gained from years and years sitting behind my machine working on a vast array of projects.

I love this job. I do this job with surgical precision, scrutinizing every seam until I’m totally satisfied that I’ve done my best. From hand beading to hems, sewing on buttons to completely revamping an ill-fitting design, working on bridal and special occasion garments is absolutely the best use of my unique skill set. There's nothing quite like the perfect fit.